When do I get paid?

After your account has reached the $50 minimum payout requirement, and you have completed the payment information form where you must provide either your Paypal address or bank details by 1st of the month, you will be issued your payment on or before the 15th of the same month.

How long after payment will my ads begin to display?

All Advertisers accounts are set up instantly and all text ads will be placed into rotation and begin to display instantly after payment.

Are stats provided for Advertisers? Are they in Real Time?

Yes, statistics are provided in real time.

Clicks – All clicks will include the visitors ip address, city/state and browser information.
Impressions – Impressions are only counted.

How can listing my text ad on Unlimited Text Ads help with my search listing with Google and Bing?

In addition to the clicks you’ll get through Unlimited Text Ads, an added bonus is higher search results in the major search engines through link backs. Choosing  related websites to place your link on is very important, when Google and Bing  scan the website, if it’s content and purpose it related to yours, you’ll get much more credit vs a unrelated website.

In the old days webmasters had it easy, they could just place as many links as they could on any and every website, blog, forum, directories, or whatever sites they could find  that would allow it, the more links they placed the higher their page rank. Now a days, trying to trick Google or Bing is a battle you’ll never win, you must be careful of the sites you place your link on, have quality content and follow Google and Bings rules the best you can. Fortunately there’s a ton of information out there that can guide you into building a website with the best type of traffic — FREE!

How can I be sure the clicks or impressions I buy are legit?

Fraud is a huge problem when buying traffic through either text/image ads and email marketing, unfortunately there is software out that delivers “fake visitors” and makes it appear your getting lots of new traffic all the while your spending huge amounts of money and getting no new sales. Here at Unlimited Text Ads you can be assured we will never scam our clients in any way, and have proven this time and time again since we got our start as Submit Plus NET back in 2004.
Advertisers choose the website(s) they place their ad(s) on, re able to test and verify their ads are being delivered as promised and are also provided real time stats including the visitors ip address, browser type and more!