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Common Questions and Answers

Is this free? No, we charge $0.25/per click and you must pre pay for ad rotation and views.

Can I post porn? No.

How long after I pay will my ad(s) begin to run? You will be able to toggle your ad status to active instantly after payment.

What payment methods do you accept? Paypal, Bitcoin.

How long will my ad(s) run? Your ad will run until you have used all of your account balance. If your ad is not doing well, you can instantly make changes until it does. We advertise unlimited impressions and our system is programed to not stop running an ad until the account runs out of funds.

Do you have a free trial or demo? You can register for free and demo our panel for as long as you like. Sorry we do not offer free trials however our minimum deposit is only $2.00 USD which will get you 8 clicks.

Please No Repeat Ads While you are allowed unlimited ads, please only one ad per website page or topic. Multiple ads with the the same final url destination are prohibited.